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When is a Pencil Sharpener not a Pencil Sharpener?

For many years I have relied on a scalpel [10A Swann Morton] and fine grit sandpaper to

to get a nice sharp point on my pencils. As there is a buzz about these things in the pencil art world, I decided to treat myself to a decent sharpener. This meant spending more than 99p in Tesco!

I felt going for a £50 plus option was going a bit far so opted for the Derwent Super Point Mini Helical Sharpener. It arrived and I duly clamped it to my desk and threw out the box. I mean, who needs instructions to use a pencil sharpener?

Well, I wasn't impressed as I wasn't getting a 'sharp enough to pierce your heart' point. I was feeling a bit dissatisfied. Surely it must be faulty? I rummaged in the recycling for the box with no joy so I turned to YouTube. Ah... you have to pull the front bit out and it winds back in giving you that death point sharpness. What an idiot!

I was really glad I hadn't left a scathing review. Now I have super sharp pencils to die for.


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