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photo help


Although a cute picture there is too much artificial light and you cannot see features.


Right height, good light and you can see a lot of detail.


looking down, flash on. Not a good look!

good natural light but too far away and looking down.


Almost right. Good natural light and height but face details aren't so good.


looking down, too far away.

How to photograph your pet

We always snap away at our pet when they are doing crazy things that show their personality. For completing a commission the photographs are very important to the quality of the final piece.

You can use a camera or a mobile device to take your pictures. Send them as large as possible and I can give you a dropbox address if they won’t go by email. If you have traditional paper-based photos you can scan those in at the highest resolution.

Take the photo at your pet’s level and preferably in daylight. Try not to take the photo head-on but at a slight angle showing both eyes.

Don’t use a flash as it can give red-eye or make the eyes look glassy.

Try to fill the whole screen with the pet so that it shows clear details; I can only draw what I see.

For a memorial portrait, I will work with you to develop the best portrait we can and give you realistic expectations.


You don’t have to be a great photographer, just take plenty of photographs then filter out the bad ones.

Take your time and have fun with photography. If you are using a mobile device, don’t edit the images but do mention that the colour of something is slightly wrong and show an example of that area with correct colouring.


If you aren’t sure, just ask, I’m happy to help.

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