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It's been an exciting year and I have been getting to know a lot of your pets so please browse some of them in the gallery.

Dogs have been coming to me in my inbox and I have been

transfering their personalities onto my canvases. 


Cats have been sneaking up on me, even the odd deer!


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Along with the natural talent of hand drawing, I am a trained and practising Graphic Designer and have been for the last thirty years, but pencils and brush pens are my pleasure. To feel the elements of a design as you draw them and to get inside the story that is unfolding on the paper in front of you; it's almost mystical.
      Four of the elf books written by Susan Navas have now been completed and are on sale on Amazon plus I was chosen to produce the cover for 'Tails of the Alpujarras' featuring Chris Stewart. A delightful book of short stories [including mine] that raises funds for Valle Verde animal rescue centre.
      Dear little Higgy has made it into print and can be ordered via email from me. I'm so pleased this little character is on the printed page at last.
       New work will be added for you to review as I go along and commission will be duly considered from anywhere in the world.
ALL work is produced by hand not with computer programmes unless otherwise agreed with the client.


I love the way the movement is captured,from the arms right down to the  perfectly positioned feet,  it makes me want to step into the picture and join her. V Ness



" I am an animal lover - have had 4 Springer Spaniels ( Tasha, Dusty, Micky and Mocha) and a cat (Taffy) over the last 35 years. My dogs have passed on but Taffy is still my pal during my days and the wonderful memories of my  dogs are usually popping in my mind on demand or otherwise. I often wondered  
how I could group all my pets and memories together in a visual context. Well, I had some help this year. My friend, Charlotte Moore-illustrator, a fantastic artist has helped me out. With photos of each dog, a blurb on their passions and her Facebook knowledge of our house and gardens she created a wonderful, whimsical watercolour of all my fur babies. She nailed all their personalities, their facial expressions and even their markings. Thank you so much Charlotte. Very good memories for me and my family
. J A Himmelman



 I have now ordered 2 commissions of my dogs from Charlotte Moore and have been extremely delighted with both, thank you very much! S Walsh



A very talented person .I am very privileged to have one of her amazing  picture of chickens hanging on my wall.  A Warman



We have commissioned Charlotte to do three pictures of our horses now. She captures the moment excellently with the ability to show the movement of the horse. Thank you so much Julie Tippett



I am delighted with both commissions of my beloved assistance dog, Xenier.  Charlotte Moore has captured his personality beautifully, from the love in his eyes, to his playful nature.  I will treasure her work always. D O'Leary



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