Higgy has arrived with a splash!


Higgy the Hedgepig


Higgy is a hedgehog who is incredibly special.


He builds a bicycle to take him on journeys to explore life around him and this is his first little journey and a taster of what is to come.


Buy Higgy now!


But how you ask?



Higgy is not available on any commercial book site: that's how special he is.

There are only 100 copies of this first mini book for sale... so he is really special.


Email us and we will send 
you a paypal invoice for just £3 plus p&p [around £1 in the UK] and we will send Higgy to you right away


Join Higgy for further Adventures


But how you ask?


Just email us your details and Higgy 
will not only let you know when the next journey is about to start, but will send you a picture of himself so that 
you can colour it in!


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