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illustrations & writing

agnil's worlds series

I was approached by author Susan Navas to illustrate her delightful series for children. There are 10 illustrations for each book and they were a delight to do.

"The characters are also very well drawn. The illustrations fitted perfectly with the stories and were appropriately placed." PH

tails of the alpujarras

Author David Luddington wanted to raise funds for Valle Verde Animal Rescue in the Alpujarras so enlisted a number of authors including Chris Stewart and myself to offer stories for inclusion in the book. 

I readily offered my services to do the wrap around cover design, featuring a typical view of the area plus a friend's dogs!


calamity spain

Written after a life changing event, I deliberated over who should do the cover design. In the end, the only one I was happy with was the one I created on my third attempt. Bright and vibrant it brings the Spanish feel to life.


higgy the hedgepig

A charming short story I wrote in rhyme it covers 12 pages. Higgy goes on an adventure, building his own home and making a bicycle from buttons and bits.

Suitable to read aloud to small children and then for them to read themselves when they are a little older.

There are a few copies left. Please contact me for your copy at

reduced price of £4 including UK postage

Written and illustrated by Charlotte Moore



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